Recent Work

Some recent tears from the last couple of months

Snowboard Colorado Magazine Cover Shot

Pretty Stoke the Dudes at Snowboard Colorado Mag hooked this shot up from a shoot last season at Breck.  Benji Farrow Throwing down a tailgrab Fakie on the Breck Wallride.


Snowboard Colorado Magazine Interview

I finally got a pdf of the Snowboard Colorado Magazine that did a feature on me last April.  Some of my favorite photos from last season in this one.  Also featured is a Vail Pass article with the sickest photo of Chad back 360 on the massive Lime Creek road gap in puking snow.  That was a damn deep snow day back in Jan I believe.  And probably one of my most favorite images from last season of Jack simply carving down the M&M chutes in the Aspen Backcountry.  That photo took a very early morning 20 mile sled ride and a merge of about 60 photos to get that one.   Stay tuned for some more work that hit the newstands last week coming soon to an intraweb nearest you.


Snowboard Colorado Magazine October Issue

Some photos I shot in the recent mag that just came out.   Chad in Silverton,  early morning park in Breck, Sharka hitting a crusty pillow line in Montezuma Bowl and and Ad for First Drop Clothing of Brent.


Snowboard Colorado Magazine May issue

A couple features I did on Woodward at Copper and an interview with Chad O for the May issue of Snowboard Colorado Magazine.

Amazing cover photo by Zach Hoopper


Snowboarder Magazine Girl Issue

I just got the new Snowboarder Magazine Girl issue in the mail.  Here is a photo I shot of Sarka Pancochova from last season at hitting a jump we built in Vail Pass.

Heres a couple randoms from that day.