Random BMX Wednesdays

Its pretty cool to be able to work with some of the best talent in the world.  There are a lot of very unique birds that step in front of my camera.  I feel pretty honored to be able to document these people doing what they do best.  Here are some RandO's from this summer.  Im thinking about making every wednesday the day of RandO's.   Tune in next week for some RandO snow photos....
Andrew Buckworth trying to outrun a kangaroo


Morgan Wade getting ready for his Emo Bastard shoot.

An out take from Jamie Bestwick fireworks

Eric Ravagnani 

Zack the Ladies man Early

From Down Under Stevie Mccann



Fashawn Rappin Portrait Sess.

Earlier this summer I got to shoot with an amazingly talented up coming Hip Hop artist.  He was on the cover of the last months XXL magazine and he stopped by our spot for a week to get down with the Woodward Films Crew.    Here is a blog about it and Some fresh pics too.

And here is a little about the man:


2009/2010 Woodward Gymnastics

Here are some photos from this year and last year that were shot for the Woodward brochure.  The photo of the stars with the beam was shot this year for a project called shooting with the stars.  The red balance beam photo was also shot this year with a very talented gymnast.  Thanks Elise!

RideUk Woodward BMX article

I did an article for RideUk that came out in the spring time.  Came out really good.  Thanks to those guys for hookin it up and to all the guys I shot with for being awesome.

Gretchen Bleiler Woodward at Copper Music Video

Mega Ramp Snowboarding

Brandon Schmidt,  video intern at Woodward spent several weeks this summer filming the snow section for the Colony of Summer 16 video.  Here he is taking a break to flip the giant mega air bag.