Detroit Ghetto Eye Candy

I took a trip for a few days to Detroit, MI this fall.  Detroit is pretty well known for the auto industry and since the auto industry hit a financial collapse it is now known for its extreme ghettos, burned down houses, and lots of crime.  We drove around the streets in the inner city in search of extreme ghetto eye candy.  All of these photos were shot from the back seat of a car.  Not that its too unsafe to get out of the car during the day there, but to cover the most ground we just hauled butt until we saw unique looking structures, people, whatever.  It was an awesome trip and I am very thankful to not be living in the conditions we were driving through.


Woodward West Mega Randoms

Here are a few photos from my trip to Woodward West a couple weeks ago to shoot the new Mega Ramp.

Skateboard prodigy Mitchie Brusco's momma

Cocoa Zurity stopped by to hit this a few times while the wood pushers were shredding.  Cocoa blasts!

PLG nuf said

PLG superman double flipper

Tehachapi, CA has some of the clearest skies I have ever seen.  



Summer Double Cork with Eric Beauchemin

I went to shoot some stuff for PacSun this summer at Copper Colorado, to which I just moved down the street from a few weeks ago.   This photo was from one of the two days I was there shooting on snow.  That's right, snow in the summer in CO.  Copper's got this fluffy white stuff till the begining of August. with jumps, rails, jibs and an airbag.  This photo here is of Eric, one of the PacSun riders.  Given how this jump wasn't all that large I'm pretty stoked to have capture this on such a tiny hit.

Heathan's Halloween Trail Jam

 Back around Halloween the bmx crew from Lockhaven, PA put on a trail jam at some really amazing trails in the center of Pennsylvania.  Here's some snaps from that day.


Birds Eye View Denver to Phoenix

Last week I jumped on an early flight from Denver to Phoenix to meet up with a buddy and drive out to Woodward West in Cali for a Mega Ramp shoot.  It was snowing when I drove from my house at 4:45am to Denver and was looking pretty magical coming into denver.   I got on a flight at 7:00am and jammed onto SLC and finally PHX.  The views crossing over the mountains were pretty breath taking especially some of the peaks in the middle of the Rockies.  These were all shot with 1.5 hours of sleep on my Canon G11 point and shoot.


11 year old hits the mega ramp day

So I am here at Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA.  The mission is to make a documentary and shoot amazing photos of Tom Schaar, an 11 year old skateboarder who will be attempting to be the youngest person to ever jump a Mega Ramp.  This ramp is no joke for an 11 year old to be playing with.  The ramps rollin is 130 feet long, the gap of 50 feet and a quarter pipe of 28 feet is a pretty knarly challenge for someone so young and light weight.

Pro skater legends Peirre Luc Gagnon, Steve Caballero, and Elliot Sloan were all in the house to skate and also show Tom a thing or two.  We spent the majority of the day today filming and shooting and watching PLG go insanly high on the 28 foot quarter.  

Watching and working with these guys was a pretty big treat.  For one because they are the best fools at skating vert and Mega in the world, and for two being at the ramp and have exclusive time to shoot with these guys is pretty rare in this instence.

We shot all day and Tom didnt get the Gap.  Not a big deal.  A great warm up day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great and windless day to blast over the mega mega rampage.

me hard at work.

All images captured on a nikon D300s.


IAM Keystone Snow Shred

So I have officially moved from Aspen to Frisco, CO.  I got a really cool opportunity living in a house with a bunch of really cool and talented snowboarders through a program called International Academy of the Mountains.  This program is setup to help up and coming snowboarders train to compete and become amazing snowboarders and also give them an alternative to your typical public schooling.  I know I hated public school and if I ever have kids I would want to send them to something like this.

We headed over to Keystone today for my second day on the snow this season.  Conditions were pretty good considering there isnt much snow and it was a kind of like east coast ice riding.  We did park laps all day and dorked around on some jibs and had a pretty darn good day to kick this season off.  Here are some snaps of a few of the kids in this program Jack, Tommy, and Sylus.  Killin it.  yehaawww

For more info on this snowboarding Academy click here: