High Graining it with Brian Hunt

So I was in the back of the Cloud 9 skatepark yesterday shooting product photos of camera gear and guitars and skateboards and snowboards and what not for the Digital Media Camp Brochure and I needed to step outside for a minute to get some fresh air.  I had been in there for an hour and I knew the sunset was going on.  PA is known for amazing sunsets so I wanted to see what was up.  I look outside and its just past sunset but the clouds were looking really amazing.  I walked about 30 feet and saw Brian Hunt and Anthony Watkinson hanging out at the Rock filming some some stuff for DK.  Of course I cruised over there to check it out.   Brian was ripping and Just about done filming.  

I told Brian I think we could get a couple of really cool shots if he wanted to do some maneuvers for me.  He did a few tricks that looked super nice as it was getting dark. 

I cranked the ISO up on my camera and set my shutter to 500.  A couple goes later and I made a few really pretty pictures.  The cool thing about photography is that you can make something very exciting and beautiful out of any situation.  I typically like to light with flashes 65 percent of the time and keep my ISO down to reduce Grain.  However I felt this would give a really nice old feeling to these photos with a lil added contrast in Post.   Enjoy


Snow Snow Snow

Winter is almost here.  I am a day away from migrating to the mountains for the winter and I hear that the west is getting hammered on right now.   Its looking like its going to be a good season.   In honor of the great snow that is coming our way here are some random snow grabs snapped from my good ol nikon.


Our Friends Dew Athlete Portraits

The last day in Vegas was Sk8 and BMX vert finals.  The only people allowed on the deck during this is the photographers for Dew tour (as opposed to practice and prelims).   I really wanted to get some personal photos of our friends (the Pros) on this day, instead of trying to snap some random action photos.  I dont really see too many up close and personal photos of these events, so I wanted to create some pretty ones that you typically cant get unless you are friends with these guys.

One of the hardest parts of shooting pros is getting portraits.  Unless you know these people an have developed a relationship with them, the chances of getting them to feel comfortable around your camera is pretty slim.

These photos were all captures on a nikon D300s with a 24-70mm and a 10.5mm fisheye lens with only available light.