High Graining it with Brian Hunt

So I was in the back of the Cloud 9 skatepark yesterday shooting product photos of camera gear and guitars and skateboards and snowboards and what not for the Digital Media Camp Brochure and I needed to step outside for a minute to get some fresh air.  I had been in there for an hour and I knew the sunset was going on.  PA is known for amazing sunsets so I wanted to see what was up.  I look outside and its just past sunset but the clouds were looking really amazing.  I walked about 30 feet and saw Brian Hunt and Anthony Watkinson hanging out at the Rock filming some some stuff for DK.  Of course I cruised over there to check it out.   Brian was ripping and Just about done filming.  

I told Brian I think we could get a couple of really cool shots if he wanted to do some maneuvers for me.  He did a few tricks that looked super nice as it was getting dark. 

I cranked the ISO up on my camera and set my shutter to 500.  A couple goes later and I made a few really pretty pictures.  The cool thing about photography is that you can make something very exciting and beautiful out of any situation.  I typically like to light with flashes 65 percent of the time and keep my ISO down to reduce Grain.  However I felt this would give a really nice old feeling to these photos with a lil added contrast in Post.   Enjoy

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Cody Stauder said...

that lookback photo is sooo good.