Vegas Verticle Pipe And dirty Jumps Snaps

Here are a few more snaps from the past couple days of Dew.   
Stevie Mccanndy bar.  My good friend who rides his kuwalla bear to work

Allistair Whittens Ma and Pa all the way from the UK

I shot this exact same photo the day before. However the day before Drew Bezanson joined the RebBull Canadian team.  So of course we gotta get that new helmet in there.  Congrats Drewski!

One of our Great Guest instructors for Digital Photography Camp Bryce Kanights.   X-editor of Thrasher Mag and current owner of skatedaily.net

Shawn White lets it fly with his eyes closed. Bail.


Seriously??  amazing

This is pretty normal here.  Wowzaaz

Seth has been killin it at dirt this year.  Hes also looks like the leading actor in the movie 300.

Chris Doyle is a beast

Dave Metty Photo

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