Golfing Glowing Streaking Swords in Phoenix

After Dew Tour in Vegas a couple weeks ago plans of going to Cali fell through which opened up a couple days to kill.  I haven't seen my good friends Theo and Ashley in a long time so I jumped on a plane to Phoenix for a couple days to kill some time before I flew back to PA.  

While in Phoenix, Ashley Hoffman had a great idea to shoot a glowing golf ball sailing through the sky.  We lined up getting some glowing golf balls and some glow sticks.  Unluckily for us Ashley left the glow sticks at home after we arrived at the golf corse.  

A little bit of tip toeing around we made our way to a nice green secluded from the rest of the world.  Thing is you really aren't allowed to be on a golf corse at night and especially not shooting photos without permission.    We quickly realized there were no glow sticks so we went to plan b which was to capture the ball sailing to the green.   A few hundred tried later Ashley finally connected to the ball and lofted one onto the green.  

Keep this in mind, Ashley hit the ball about 20 times and either sliced it, drove it on the ground only, or smashed it into the mountain to the left.  And every time he hit it he had to go retrieve it and bring it back.
This was no problem to me because Theo and I played with some multi pops and LCD lights in between golf ball hits.  We finally got the shot,  packed up the bags,  went home slept woke up and flew back to PA.  Super fun times.

Oh BTW  yes that Is Ashley streaking.

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