Bolle Snow Ads

Last winter I spent a ton of time camera in hand standing in the blazing cold weather to... get  .   the .. shot..  I haven't really put anything out from what I shot last winter yet.  All the mags and ads are starting to come out from last winters content and now its time all the hard work gets seen by the world.
These ads are from a cat trip in Monarch, CO with some of the Ski and Snowboard team guys and gals.  Here are a few of the ads from this really crappy weather day that turned out to be pretty rad.  For the amount of awesome snow we got last year we really weren't too lucky on this day.  Paying for a cat trip with riders, videogs, photogs, TM's and art directors you kind of have to make it work.  The snow was pretty crusty and there were about 3 inches max of fresh.  Combined with barely beeing able to see because it was mostly a white out, we made it work, had a blast, and got the goods.  Thanks sir Brett Vogel at The Branding Agency for hookin up this trip.  enjoy

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