IAM Keystone Snow Shred

So I have officially moved from Aspen to Frisco, CO.  I got a really cool opportunity living in a house with a bunch of really cool and talented snowboarders through a program called International Academy of the Mountains.  This program is setup to help up and coming snowboarders train to compete and become amazing snowboarders and also give them an alternative to your typical public schooling.  I know I hated public school and if I ever have kids I would want to send them to something like this.

We headed over to Keystone today for my second day on the snow this season.  Conditions were pretty good considering there isnt much snow and it was a kind of like east coast ice riding.  We did park laps all day and dorked around on some jibs and had a pretty darn good day to kick this season off.  Here are some snaps of a few of the kids in this program Jack, Tommy, and Sylus.  Killin it.  yehaawww

For more info on this snowboarding Academy click here:


Anonymous said...

Tommy is the shiieeet

Anonymous said...

I heard that jack kid likes dogs