11 year old hits the mega ramp day

So I am here at Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA.  The mission is to make a documentary and shoot amazing photos of Tom Schaar, an 11 year old skateboarder who will be attempting to be the youngest person to ever jump a Mega Ramp.  This ramp is no joke for an 11 year old to be playing with.  The ramps rollin is 130 feet long, the gap of 50 feet and a quarter pipe of 28 feet is a pretty knarly challenge for someone so young and light weight.

Pro skater legends Peirre Luc Gagnon, Steve Caballero, and Elliot Sloan were all in the house to skate and also show Tom a thing or two.  We spent the majority of the day today filming and shooting and watching PLG go insanly high on the 28 foot quarter.  

Watching and working with these guys was a pretty big treat.  For one because they are the best fools at skating vert and Mega in the world, and for two being at the ramp and have exclusive time to shoot with these guys is pretty rare in this instence.

We shot all day and Tom didnt get the Gap.  Not a big deal.  A great warm up day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great and windless day to blast over the mega mega rampage.

me hard at work.

All images captured on a nikon D300s.

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