Breckenridge Dew Tour Day 1

So it was the first day of the Alli Action Sports Tour in Breckenridge, CO and I am here to cover the event in form of pictures and video for Woodward Films.  My goal for this event is to get stunning imagery of the best snowboarders and skiers in the world in a non typical approach.   There is a ton of great talent going off for four days straight and it is a great place to get creative while trying out some new ideas.   I really like shooting contest, for the fact that it is much like shooting at camp.  So much crazy ness going on in one spot, pushing the amplitude and progression to a new level each day.  With this amount of talent all in one location,  I am bound to get some great content.

My first day here was all about scouting out the location, finding unique angles, and looking at where the light was going to be on the features.  In my hand I had a schedule of each event ranging from men's snowboard slope style to women's ski superpipe.   Something that will make this process easier is if I find angles ahead of time, and anticipate a shot before it is there.  The reason in doing this is so I'm not just wondering around like a mad hatter trying to find things to take pictures of.  Proper planning is the key to success.  Without it its a wild card.

So I found some angles, checked the sun and light intensities for each spot, and dreamed of some shots I can hopefully accomplish within the next few days.   However, what I cant predict is weather.  If weather is crazy, and dumping snow, I go to plan B.  Which fortunately I have some great ideas for some pretty unique shots if it is snowing, so I actually wouldn't mind either way.   Tune in for day two photos later on down the road.

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