Loveland Pass to Hike the Lens Baby

Today was an early day.  Met up with some people on a mission to go hike the Loveland Pass to the Professor Peak to get to a jump that was built the other day and shoot photos.  We hiked the ridgeline for to atleast 13,000 feet.  This was my first long hike for the season so I was a tad bit winded to say the least.  Finally got to the top of the peak to see beautiful views of Breckenridge, Keystone, and A-Basin all from the same spot.  We dropped in made some fresh turns,  and found the pre built jump that needed a little TLC.  We quickly realized that the windpack on the landing was not going to cut it today.  It was very hard and if anyone were to try and hit this thing, surely something bad would happen.  So we built up the lip a little bit more in hopes to return after the next storm and get some shots.  Hopefully this storm will be a good one.

After peacing out on the jump mission I stopped at the post office to pick up a new lens I ordered.  A LensBaby its called.  I'm pretty excited about this one.  This lens is a cheap version of a Tilt Shift lens that adds a unique perspective and look to pretty much anything you point the camera at.  Ive shot with a real tilt shift before and it can produce some pretty stunning results.  The only tricking thing is that its nearly impossible to get in focus.  So it takes a lot of practice to get this thing crisp.  

I luckily picked it up pretty quickly and overcame the learning curve.  I tested it out on a jib some of the IAM kids built.  Super fun lens, super fun session, super fun day.

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