Frozen Lungs, Toes, and Fingers, Hiking the BC with Friends

Today was an early one.  Woke up at 6 with about 3 hours of sleep with the mission to go hike into the woods north of Highway 70, build a jump, get some photos, and try and not get taken out by an Avvy.   Left the house at 7:00am to go up to the spot and snowshoe in.  I with with Chad Otterstrom, Jake Black, and Jakes assistant/ filmer who was not into getting that title. Hahaha!  We got to our drop off point off the highway and we started our snowshoe into the zone around 8:00am.  Chad was not to far behind parking the car and getting his split board ready.  Chad is a longtime local of Breckenridge and knows the area like the back of his hand.  It was amazing to tag along with him today and learn some great new spots in Summit County.

We trekked our way back to our destination, which originally should have probably taken an hour and 45 but somehow took close to 2.5 hours.  As we cruised back Chad pointed out spots that he had previously built jumps on, or know features that have been ridin before.  It was rad to see some great terrain and get some low down on the history of this spot.

We finally made our destination.  Spent about 2 hours blocking up the lip to the jump.  The snow was surprisingly soft for how warm it had been and how long it has been without snow.  The landing was pretty nice.

I got situated just below the jump for Jakes first hit and a fresh track to be put it.  First go he stomped a perfect front 5.  Chad went next with the same trick and stomped it perfect.

I cruised down to a lower section to try and switch things up a lil as the sun was slowly starting to poke back over the mountain and disappear.  I got what I wanted by the last hit.  It was mind numbingly cold by now as the sun was completely gone.  We packed up our gear, snowshoed out for about 40 min,  and made it to the car where Chad was waiting on the side of the highway.

All in all it was a sick day filled with fun times,  sweaty hikes,  cold fingers and toes, and great photos.

All images coldly captured with a canon G11 and Nikon d300s.

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