Peru Creek with Summit County Boys

These photos are from a mission into Peru Creek behind Keystone.  I have never been to this location, and it was my first time out with this crew, but it turned out to be a very productive adventure (considering the sun was playing mind games with us all day.  Apparently this zone is usually not too rideable until the spring when it really starts to dump, but since Colorado (and the western part of the US) have been getting pile driven with snow,  the spot was def rideable with some great lines.

I got a call from my friend Colin Spenser asking if I wanted to go shoot a booter they had built the previous day buy an old mining shaft.  Of corse I said I'm in.   I rolled up to the spot after getting my sled stuck about 3 times in waist deep snow and saw this beautiful jump built to perfection with a perfect backside.  Our crew setup and scouted some spots for about 2 hours until the sun was about to pop up over the ridge line.  We waited for the sun to peak and right as it did Colin was the second to hit and and got an amazingly lit back 7 tail grab right as the sun was barely peaking out of the clouds.

We sessioned this jump until the clouds came back in and made it pretty darn hard to see the lip.  Lucky for us there were a couple features to play on right up the hill from the drop spot.  We got some shots, played in the snow all day, and headed back in before dark.

A very succesful day with a new crew who is very very hungry to get out there and get shit done.  Looking forward to more with these guys on Friday.

Stay tuned

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