Paint Splash Portraits with Lyn-z, Lorena, and Tim

Towards the end of the summer in August I had an idea planned for a very colorful portrait series for our Woodward Digital Media Camp brochure.  It just so happened that Pro Skaters Lyn-z Adams Hawkins and Lorena Lima were in town and were super duper down to experiment with me...  And unfortunately I wrangled in MTV producer Tim DeSanto to get splattered on as well.


aelmoulsy said...

hi, i am trying to get the same effect, still looking for some paint material to use,
can you recommend a good paint material for cool splashing portraits ?

Marie said...

@ aelmoulsy : Maybe the easiest one would be milk + food coloring ? :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you used anything to propel the paint or did you just throw it from a bucket?